Doctoral Dissertations

Journal PapersInternatiional ConferenceDomestic ConferenceBooksDoctoral Dissertations
Jun HOSOYA , “Study on Quantitative Analysis of Technology Fusion Using Patent Data in Case of Digital Camera ”, (2020).
kang KANG “Studies on Game Theory in Power Control Scheme of Wireless Network”, February 2019.
Zhenni Pan “Studies on Energy Optimization and Mobility Robustness for Green Cellular Networks”, 2018.
SAY Sotheara “Studies on Multiple Access Schemes for UAV based Sensor Networks”, 2016.
HERNANDEZ RUIZ GAYTAN,Lilian DC “Studies on Energy Consumption and Frequency Allocation for Satellite Communication Systems”, 2015.
GAO,Nan “Performance Evaluation of Communication Schemes Based on Ultrasonic Signal Propagation”, 2014.
BOURGEOIS Thomas Raymond Benoit “Stochastic Analysys of Medium Access Control in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks”, 2014.
SHIBA,Hiroyuki “Adaptive High Efficient Wireless Communication System”, 2014.
AL SHEHAB,Abdullah “A Study on Health Care System Employing Intra-Body Communication”, 2012.
KOBAYASHI,Nao “Study on Body Parts and Bodyb Figure Identification Employing Intra-Body Communication” 2012.
DINH,Chi Hieu “Studies on Multiple Access Shemes for High Performance Wireless Local Area Networks”, 2012.
LI,Chunxiao “Efficient Road Traffic Control Towards CO2 Emissions Reduction”, 2012.
KONG, Marry “Studies on Mobile Communications Employing High Alttude Platform Station by Emprical Approach”, 2011.
WU,Jun “Studies on Security and Protection for Wireless Sensor Networks”, 2011.
ZHAO,Bingxuan “Studies on Spectrum Sensing and MAClayer Protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks” 2011.
NOONPAKDEE Wasinee “Studies on Indoor Optical Wireless Communications for Secure Data Transmission”, 2011.
RABARIJAONA,Verotiana Hanitriniala “Studies on Cooperative Communication for Wireless LAN”, 2011.
LIU,Jiang “Studieson Data Transmittion Scheme Employing Optical Wireless Cpmmunication”, 2011.
HO,Dac Tu “Studies on Multiple Access for Aeronautical Wireless Network”, 2010.
NASU,Yukiko “Studies on Access Methods for Multi-hop Wireless Networks”, 2009.
SONG,Chun Yi “A Study on Modulation Schemes Employing Elliptical Signals”, 2008.
MASUDA,Akeo “Studies on User Cooperation for Wireless Multiple Access Schemes”, 2008.
ISKANDAR “Wireless Channel Characteristic and Its performance for Stratospheric Platform Communication”, 2006.
TAKANO,Hiroshi “Optical Wireless Communication Studies on Data Access for Personal Communication employing”, 2005.
HARADA,Ami “Studies on Techniques for High-efficiency Frequency Utilization in Wireless Communication Systems”, 2004.
TSUDA,Yoshio “Study on High reliable air band wireless communication”, 2003.